Common Development Team Roles and Responsibilities

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November 16, 2022

To minimize the downsides of this structure, there’s an alternative — assigning tasks via tickets. Each part of the code is connected to a digital ticket that gets distributed between developers randomly. This way, developers get to work with previously unknown parts of the product, which also makes the code itself a better quality since there are multiple points of view. Plus, it contributes to making team members less dependent on each other and them being interchangeable. Such an approach is normally used by companies with over employees for projects with rather big scopes of work. Additionally, if you’re working on several projects simultaneously, the specialist approach might be more suitable.

development team responsibilities

Traditional teams might be more suitable if you know you need developers to “blindly” perform requests so as not to create chaos or hold back the development. The ideal size for a development team is between 3 and 9 people, not including the scrum master and product owner. Any smaller and the team couldn’t accomplish enough each sprint. By definition, a software development team is a group of professionals working together to achieve a common goal. Through collaboration and an efficient process, they need to develop software geared towards a target market. During each sprint, the development team’s role is to self-organize and design, build, integrate, and test product backlog items into increments of potentially shippable functionality.

Define the type of team structure

This includes creating and updating a product strategy and roadmap and measuring how much value the product creates using key performance indicators (KPIs). Self-motivation is the biggest driver of efficiency, one which is usually seen in successful development teams. Ideally, a Development Team should be small enough to remain ‘agile’ and large enough to complete a significant amount of work within a specific Sprint.

development team responsibilities

Where the scrum master is a role specific to scrum, the team leader is a role in an Agile team using Kanban methodology. Yet, when there are more than 15 people working on the same project, it might not be convenient. In each sprint, the development team must dedicate an ample amount of time preparing for the next sprint.

Groom the Product Backlog:

During this time the team members collectively inspect their progress toward the sprint goal and adapt the plan for the current day’s work. If some of the team members do not take part in the daily standup, the team can miss vital pieces of the bigger picture and may fail to attain the sprint goal. The main duty of the QA analyst or tester is to make sure that quality assurance requirements are met.

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