How to open HEIC and HEVC files on Windows 10

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June 23, 2023

It’s also important to be aware that there are file types out there that are inherently risky, and could be dangerous. Typically, these are executable files that can run certain types of code when you try to open them. Play it safe and don’t open files unless they come from a trusted source. A file extension, .WEBLOC file or filename extension, is a suffix at the end of a computer file. It comes after the period and is usually two to four characters long. If you’ve ever opened a document or viewed a picture, you’ve probably noticed these letters at the end of your file.

  • If you want to transfer them, you might need to convert your Live Photos to a more compatible format first.
  • JPEGs, on the other hand, aren’t suitable for pictures with little color information, such as interface screenshots and other basic computer-generated visuals.
  • All web browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, others) automatically view PNG files that you open from the internet, which means you don’t have to download every PNG file you want to look at online.
  • The good news is that modern browsers have started to support module functionality natively, and this is what this article is all about.

To view HEIF images or H.265 videos, you’ll need to install a couple of extensions on Windows 10. While there were initial issues with opening HEIC files on Windows 10, Microsoft has since addressed the issue. If you want to open and edit HEIC files on your PC, you need to install the HEIF Image Extensions from the
Windows Store. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to browse your photo and video collection as normal. Instead, we recommend trying the free 
iMazing app for Mac, which also gives you a number of other helpful ways to manage your iPhone. Another option is the
free HEIC online converter by Apowersoft, which can quickly turn HEIC files into JPEGs your Mac will open. Instead, devices running iOS 11 or later convert images to JPEG when you want to share them with non-iPhone-wielding friends, or for use on various social media sites.

Advantages of PNG

There shouldn’t be any problem opening or using the PNG file format on any operating system. You can open it with native computer image software, such as Windows photo viewer. Unlike JPEGs, saving the PNG format digital file doesn’t reduce its quality.

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The great thing is it does that while ensuring your image’s quality. This format came into the spotlight during the release of iOS 11, because Apple made it the default image format for that system. After that, it became an image format for macOS High Sierra and all the following Apple devices. It is possible that while opening unknown files (e.g. HEIC) with a simple text editor like Windows Notepad will allow us to see some of the data encoded in the file.

Everything about iPhone New Format HEIC & How to Convert

While macOS and Linux still use file extensions, they don’t rely on them as Windows does. Instead, they use something called MIME types and creator codes to determine what a file is. This information is stored within the header of the file, and both macOS and Linux use that information to determine what type of file they’re dealing with. So, we talked about how Windows uses file extensions to know what type of file it’s dealing with, and what app to use when you open the file.

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