How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

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September 28, 2023

To allow a board of directors of a company to be able to approve a new member they must be sure that the person is a great fit for the company. That’s why the interview is an essential part of the process.

Board members are interested in hearing the candidates discuss their skills and experiences that make them well suitable for the job with a focus on their value. Often, the interviewers will ask questions to determine the candidate’s capacity to comprehend the complicated and sometimes challenging issues that can be encountered as a board member.

As a result, they will also want to know how the candidate manages conflict and how they can communicate with other board members in a respectful manner. Boards frequently ask candidates how they will handle specific topics such as shareholder involvement and possible conflicts of interest. They will also want to know if the candidate is ethical and responsible.

A lot of companies offer an assortment of pre-read materials for applicants to read in advance of the interview. It’s more than a quick glance to gain a greater understanding of the company and its current C-suite and board of directors executives, the industry’s dynamics, as well as the most important risks. Deb DeHaas is a two-time board member of a public company and chief executive officer of Corporate Leadership Center. She says that listening to CEOs speak with investors and analysts is the best way to prepare. She says it’s crucial for candidates to be able to explain the reasons why the company or its product, or the challenges it faces is intriguing and how their work experience could aid in addressing these issues.

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