How to Enable and Disable Avast Game Mode

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October 3, 2023

Avast’s game mode optimizes your computer settings for gaming. It turns off notifications and pauses updates to help you concentrate on the game, and it adjusts the settings of your PC to prioritize gaming over other applications that may drain the CPU and cause performance degradation.

It is necessary to have a lot of resources to play games, such as CPU, RAM MEMORY and GPU. Other recorders or apps can divert these resources away from your gaming program, causing it to slow down or crash. Avast game mode lets players to concentrate on playing video games by temporarily shutting down background processes while also notifying you of potential interruptions.

It also reduces the impact of antivirus scans and updates on your gaming performance through intelligently detecting when you are playing the game and halting them to stop interruptions. This is an advantage for gamers who do not want to have their gameplay interrupted to perform maintenance or be infected with a virus.

To enable avast game mode start the antivirus program and click the menu button located in the top-right corner of the Windows taskbar. Select “Settings”, and then turn the switch next. Enable Game Mode on. A special icon will be displayed in your system tray once Game Mode is enabled.

You can also make use of a special page in Avast to add specific programs and have them automatically switch to Game Mode when you play them. You might also want to disable the game mode feature of Avast at some point due to one of a variety of reasons. You can do it easily from the Avast graphical user interface, and we’ll walk you through the process in this article.

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