Strategic Planning Software

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October 18, 2023

The right strategic software can help leaders to translate top-down targets into concrete goals and initiatives. It also enables organizations to better monitor performance over time and makes it easier to detect trends and issues when they arise. Through removing the use of spreadsheets and automating the planning process they help teams deliver strategic results at a larger scale while ensuring agility and flexibility.

It is essential that managers establish clearly defined goals and objectives but they should also be able to adjust to changes in the business environment. The ability to alter plans and make adjustments in line with the needs of the business creates a sense of purpose for employees who can connect their efforts to the longer-term vision of the company.

The best strategic planning tool can help remote workers to set and manage goals and plans with their teams. The tools below provide various features, including drag-and-drop interfaces and templates, project management capabilities, reporting and collaborative options, and much more. Some of these tools are free to use and others require a subscription fee.

Lucidspark is an online whiteboard tool that is ideal to brainstorm ideas and brainstorming. It also allows collaborative work and offers an app that can be downloaded on mobile devices. Airtable is a simple-to-adapt cloud platform that can be used to manage projects along with customer relationship management and strategic planning. It’s designed for remote collaboration and allows users to create custom boards in a matter of minutes.

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