What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

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October 18, 2023

A board meeting agenda is the document that outlines the topics to be discussed, debated, and adopted at the next meeting. To design an effective agenda for a board meeting, you must be aware of your organization’s needs as well as the preferences of the members. It’s a document to be developed with a team to ensure the highest level of information, engagement, and effectiveness.

The board secretary must read the minutes of the previous meeting prior to calling the meeting to begin. This informs everyone of what they think about in relation to the previous decisions and discussions, and allows them to explore new topics more quickly.

This portion of the agenda will contain important updates from the main players in the room on a wide variety of subjects. Depending on the structure of your company, this section may include reports by the executive director, the finance director, or even the committee on program. The board members can ask questions that arise from these presentations or other relevant news.

This is the final location where your board can schedule time to discuss any new business or issues they want to discuss. This is a great opportunity to announce special announcements, send congratulatory messages or shout outs. Your facilitator at the meeting will announce the date of the next meeting.


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