Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Agenda

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October 23, 2023

To get the most value from every board meeting starts by preparing a thorough agenda. Agendas help participants stay focused, limits off-topic talks and ensures that all the important subjects are covered.

The first item usually involves the review of the minutes of the previous meeting. This is done to remind participants of previous discussions and to bring to their attention any issues that are still not resolved.

The next part is the big picture where you’ll be sharing your accomplishments at a high-level. This could include milestones board meeting agenda that have been achieved in the company’s development, as well as future goals for the company’s vision. This is a great place to receive feedback and share new ideas with your co-directors.

The board reviews the key performance indicators of the company. This can be anything from sales metrics to financials to customer support policies. This is also a good moment to set the next quarterly goals for the company and brainstorm how to overcome any current obstacles to achieving these goals.

After all the important issues have been addressed, the board may proceed to other issues that need to be addressed. This is a great opportunity to pass on any congratulations messages or other special acknowledgements for employees or for committees that have had success. The board can conclude the meeting by stating the date and any tasks that need to be completed prior the next meeting.

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