How to Prepare for a Meeting

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October 23, 2023

When you’re brainstorming ideas or sharing stories of customers or deciding on business strategies, successful meetings aren’t something that just happens. Effective meetings require planning, time and effort to ensure that everyone feels they have gained something from the experience.

Understanding the purpose of the meeting is crucial to prepare for it. What are the expectations of the group to achieve by the end of this session? This is the “Why” behind the meeting, and it’s what drives the decision-making process discussion topics, discussion topics, as well as results. It’s essential to adhere to one goal so that attendees can remain focused.

Before the meeting starts Make sure you ask clarifying questions in asynchronous manner and then share the questions with everyone else in the group so that they can plan accordingly. Waiting until the meeting to ask questions wastes a lot of valuable time during the meeting that could be better spent on other things.

Making an agenda is a key aspect of meeting preparation and it’s important to make this transparent, open and accessible to everyone. The agenda gives structure to the meeting and makes sure that it stays on topic.

It’s also an excellent idea to assign an individual to serve as the note keeper as well as the timekeeper who will ensure that the meeting starts and ends on time and that all agenda items are discussed in the proper order. It’s also beneficial to assign someone to send out the notes after the meeting, ensuring that all important information is captured and shared.

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