Best Practices for Remote Business Meetings

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October 26, 2023

Remote business meetings are an essential element of effective virtual communication practices. It is essential to keep your employees involved in meetings, whether you have a distributed team or work at home.

We’ve put together some suggestions and best practices to help you conduct more efficient remote business meetings. By following a few simple guidelines for meeting etiquette and then taking the appropriate steps afterward, you can increase productivity and ensure your remote workers complete their work within the deadlines you have set.

Start with an icebreaker to break the ice. In remote meetings, icebreakers or other enjoyable employee engagement exercises can help participants express their opinions and participate more freely. This can help build strong bonds between team members. A happy and productive workplace is the result of this.

Accept your role as facilitator. Being active in facilitating a remote conference is the biggest secret to its success. Use your voice and screen share to engage your participants, and be descriptive in your language to ensure that your remote team members be able to comprehend your messages.

Make sure your meetings are completed on time. People have shorter attention spans than ever before, so a short planned, well-organized meeting with an agenda that is clear and focused will be more productive than an entire session that is full of fluff.

Send a summary of your remote meetings to everyone who attended. Include a breakdown of each discussion item and determine who is responsible for each action item. This will give your team an easy way to reference the discussion points and will help them stay on track to finish their deliverables on the agreed date.

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