Creating a Board Meeting Schedule

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October 26, 2023

A board meeting schedule is a guide for the entire meeting that helps keep the discussion on track. Board meetings may sometimes drift off on side topics that are important to individual members but don’t help the company’s objectives. Focus on the topics on the agenda, and ensure that no one goes over their time limit. It’s also a good idea to have several people participating in the meeting. If one person is taking notes and another is taking the lead, they can monitor the pace and redirect the discussion in the event of need.

Based on the board, the agenda could include new business items, routine or old business, reports and other board-related material. The board can also look over committee updates and announcements. It is important to circulate the board’s package at least a day or two prior to content the meeting to ensure that board members are able to review the document prior to the meeting and bring any questions, concerns, or corrections to the attention of the board secretary prior to the beginning of the session.

The last item on the agenda will usually be reserved for announcements. This could be anything from congratulating a team member on a job well done to offering condolences or any other significant information. It’s also an excellent occasion for participants to suggest new agenda items for the board to consider at the next meeting. After everything is taken care of, the chairperson will formally close the meeting and state the official time of the adjournment so that it can be recorded in the minutes. The date for the next board meeting is then announced, giving board members a chance to mark it on their calendars.

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