Creating a Data Room for Investors

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October 26, 2023

Investors are interested in all information they can find about startups prior to investing. They want to look at everything from competitor analysis to financials and more. The more organized the founders are the more easy it is to conduct due diligence for investors. To improve the efficiency of the process make a dataroom available to investors that contains all relevant documents and other information.

What documents should be included in an Investor Data Room?

While every startup is unique however, the majority of the documents needed to complete the process of raising capital are the same. Some of the most important documents to be included in an investor dataroom include pitch decks, the product plan, company bylaws, and articles of incorporation.

Investors may also want to review stock option agreements, non-compete agreements, and employee agreements. These types of documents are typically very sensitive, and storing them in a safe, accessible online repository is the best way to ensure they are only shared with approved third parties. CapLinked’s solution for virtual data rooms that includes digital rights management, allows users to control the manner in which a document is used. This ensures only those who require it have access.

Including past investor updates in an online investor data room is another excellent way to show potential supporters that you are transparent and committed to sharing information with them throughout the fundraising process. It can also build trust, which will allow you to move forward faster with your fundraising.

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